My Story
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My Story

Humans are just like Lego, we are made to connect.  

I’m the friend you have that is forever saying, “Oh, you know who you should meet?”  I love to bring people together because I know that on your own you are amazing but with another, you can create the impact you are really desiring. We are truly better together.

I’m the youngest of 7 and learnt early that to be heard you needed to have a story that got to the point quickly.  I honed my storytelling skills in this competitive environment and love to work with you to share their wisdom and gems through story.

Being an ex teacher I love building on what someone already knows and helping them master the next piece. You know your stuff so let’s work on getting that delivered through the medium humans are designed to tune into – story.

I’m also a direct kinda chick. I’m pragmatic and don’t suffer fools gladly, I inherited that from my paternal grandmother, who died before I was born but the genes are strong! 

Getting to the heart of the matter, asking loads of questions and generally cutting to the chase is my MO.  I’m not afraid to call bullshit but do so when its going to end up as a win for you.

I also sit in the woo camp.  Yep I know there are a whole lot of things we can’t see or understand but it doesn’t mean they don’t impact us.   I use essential oils not only for their therapeutic effects but also for emotional support, and yes energy work and shifting is within my bag of tricks as well.

So what do you get when you meet me; a chick who ‘loves a yarn’, is perceptive and pragmatic, and works from a place of alignment and trusts my gut?  You get someone who is ready to get as passionate about your business as you are.


What Next ?

My joy has always been helping people find their happy and this happens in business when it’s clear where you are headed and are having the success you desire.  I’m ready to work with you to gain clarity, work out the next steps and then help you keep moving forward.

Let’s discover what can look like.

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