You're Not Time Poor It Just Feels That Way

“I’d love to but I just don’t have the time.”  “I don’t know how you fit it all in.”  “If only I had more time then I would be more  successful/fit/happy/tidy insert your ideal thing here”

We’ve all been there, bemoaning the facts that we are time poor and wishing for just another 10 hours a day to do all the things!

But I’m here with an unpopular idea.  You are, in fact, NOT time poor, it just feels that way.

See not overly popular but true.

You know how you wish you could be like Susie who gets to do all those cool things in all her free time.  It’s not actually free time, its the choices Susie is making that enables her to do those things you wish for.

Told you this ain’t popular.

Are you still reading??

Ok for those who haven’t thrown the device across the room yet and screamed, “What the F$%K does Loretta know,” let’s dive deeper.

Here are a couple of facts:

We all have 168 hours per week.

What you do with them impacts the quality of your work, health, relationships, and life – again No Shit Sherlock is ringing in my ears, but I think sometimes we just get to hear it again.

Here is a three-step process I like to use:

  1. Track how you currently use your 168 hours. Yep grab out pen and paper and record what you do when. Notice the time spent and the gaps. Use this data to inform your next step.
  2. Plan your ideal week. To do this first put into your 168 hour week your non-negotiables: sleep, personal, family  and work commitments.
  3. Now look at the time allocated for work.  You require both time to work in and on your business.  Begin to create blocks of time for each of these.   Work with this plan for 2-3 weeks revising and adjusting until you have a schedule that works for you in your current situation.

If you don’t own your calendar it will own you and I can tell you that no happiness is found down that path.  Be proactive, plan and take action so you are driving the bus, not the whims and fancies of the world around you.

Great reads on this topic are: The One Thing by Gary Keller


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